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Women’s Cancer Awareness


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Women’s Cancer is our story…

Sadly most women and girls are undereducated when it comes to their reproductive health.  The very organs which make us “female”  are not the focus of many advertising campaigns or explained in health classes.    Knowledge of the diseases which may develop in our reproductive tract is rare among most of us.   Less than 18% of the women in the U.S. know the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer, which   proves to be life threatening,  since there is NO TEST TO DIAGNOSE OVARIAN CANCER.

It has become  our mission to make sure that Women and Girls of ALL AGES are educated regarding Women’s Cancer symptoms, the importance of annual check-ups and  lifestyle choices.   The lack of diagnostic tests for most Women’s Cancers makes it a life-saving fact that ALL WOMEN and GIRLS – MUST BE AWARE of WOMEN’S CANCER SYMPTOMS – RECOGNIZE changes in our bodies and TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY.

We must take our gynecologic health as seriously as we do our annual mammogram.  We have a lot going on below the waist and the fact that all is hidden and impossible for productive self examination routines- gives us cause for diligent personal monitoring and regular, routine gynecologic examinations during our lifetime. How do we do this?  First, we must take a deep breath, become aware of our body rhythms and cycles, and know what is “normal” for us.   When there is a change we must take notice.  We do not make excuses – we do not imagine away the reasons we, “don’t feel right”.   We will have learned to monitor these changes – log them for 2 weeks and see our gynecologist with our data in hand. We are headed in the right direction and we have listened to our body.

Please take some time to look through the pages and see what’s new and what we are all about. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

We are located in Brevard County Florida and it is our mission to provide education and awareness of Ovarian and other Gynecologic Cancers and to serve as a resource to all gynecologic Cancer Survivors and their families.

We are committed to Education, Awareness, Advocacy, Support and Ovarian and Gynecologic Cancer Research.  Please read more about symptoms and Ovarian and Gynecologic Cancer on the website.

News and Upcoming Events

 Lunch Bunch

It’s a “Dutch Treat”, Luncheon, usually held on the second Saturday of the month at different restaurants in the county –  and provides an opportunity for us get to know each other in a informal, relaxed setting.   It is open to family and friends. The “Lunch Bunch” was formed as a way for Survivors to connect, enjoRSVP  321-749-5176 and /or for  more information or to be put on the mailing list.y the social benefit of sharing food and forming friendships with fellow Survivors.

 RSVP  and /or for  more information or to be put on the mailing list.

 Connie Van Asdale – 749-5176

Support Groups


Interested in becoming part of a Peer to Peer Support Group?

Sometines we need to vent – ask our sister survivors about their treatment experiences while feeling comfortable in a neutral enviornment.  We need to know that we are free to question and look into the very best care options for ourselves.  There is no substitute for experience  and no better caring comes from those who have waked in your shoes.  We are here for you.   

“New Women”  Support Group
International Cafe

5th Avenue Indialantic – Call for details

An informal Peer-to peer” discussion group formed by and for working Survivors  coping with  changes they have experienced as a result of surgery and chemotherapy.

RSVP  321-749-5176 and /or for  more information or to be put on the mailing list.



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If you wish to contribute to help us save women’s lives through our education and awareness programs you may mail a donation- our address is:

P.O. Box 501367
Malabar, FL 32950-1367

Donations may be made In Honor Of and In Memory Of people who are special in our lives, and will be listed on our Tributes Page. Please fill out the information on the form and include their name.

If you would like to add more information, please email us.


Survivors Who Give Us Hope and Inspiration

Featuring Barbara L. Desrosiers, Artist and Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Click here to read her story


What is a Survivor?

We often hear the term “Survivor” when it pertains to a serious illness, but we are not sure what that means. We become a Survivor the moment we are diagnosed and remain a Survivor for the rest of our lives.

A Survivor is defined as: “Somebody who remains alive despite being exposed to life-threatening danger. Somebody who shows a great will to live or a great determination to overcome difficulties and carry on.”

That says it all! Click here to watch a survivor video.